Webissime - EN

Website Development

A company’s website is a showcase for its identity, services and news. As part of the consumer’s buying consideration ecosystem, it’s vital that the user experience is as pleasant and fluid as possible.

The creation of customized websites is at the heart of Issime’s concerns and activities. Our team of web developers develops long-lasting technical architectures, using stable, proven technologies.

Services and deliverables

  • Conduct a comparative analysis of competitor websites.
  • Analyze the requirements and goals of the brand.
  • Create mockups, prototypes, and design the UX/UI.
  • Organize the structure, content, and visual elements.
  • Develop both the front-end and back-end of websites, including CMS integration.
  • Optimize websites for search engines (SEO).
  • Thoroughly test websites on various systems, including iOS, Android, and web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).
  • Implement Google Analytics for performance tracking and SEO enhancement.

Strat├ęgissime - EN

Marketing communications strategy

Your company’s communications strategy is a decisive factor in gaining visibility and brand awareness. A strong, consistent brand image coupled with targeted, controlled messages will enable you to extend your brand territory, addressing the right target, at the right time, through the right communication channels. All with the aim of gaining market share and establishing a privileged relationship with your customers.

Services and deliverables

  • Market and competitor research
  • Definition of marketing communication objectives
  • Definition of target audience
  • Development of key message
  • Establish a 5-year marketing communications strategy
  • Planning the marketing communications action plan
  • Choice of communication tools and strategic distribution channels

Socialissime - EN

Social Media Management

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn… Issime guides you in choosing the platform to leverage in order to reach the right audience. By adapting your brand’s communication strategy based on the language and algorithms unique to each media, Issime ensures to enhance engagement and maximize impressions, reaching over 89% of the Canadian population who regularly consume social media platforms.

Services and deliverables

  • Develop a comprehensive 360-degree social media strategy in alignment with brand objectives, identity, and tone.
  • Set up and optimize profiles on multiple platforms.
  • Design a posting schedule rooted in communication pillars.
  • Generate photo and video content to boost engagement and expand the audience reach.
  • Customize and adapt content for each platform.
  • Compose, translate, and publish content.
  • Oversee community management, interactions, and engagement.
  • Conduct competitive monitoring.
  • Handle crisis management when necessary.
  • Analyze and report on performance metrics.

Pubissime - EN


In an information-saturated environment, it’s essential to capture the attention of your target audience.

Our advertising approach is analytical, intuitive, and creative. Our mission is to translate your customer language into consumer language. Good creative advertising makes emotional connections, differentiating the brand and influencing consumer buying behavior.

Issime works with you to create original advertising that generates emotion every time, by conveying the right information essential to decision-making.

Services and deliverables

  • Analysis and understanding of target audience, brand DNA, and objectives
  • Development of unique, impactful creative concepts in line with the communication strategy
  • Design and copywriting of unique, eye-catching advertising hooks adapted to the various distribution media
  • Art direction and design of differentiating visual elements
  • Video and audio production
  • Multi-platform adaptation

Prodissime - EN

Content Production: Photos, Videos

Because effective communication is about reaching out and touching people, Issime supports you in your content creation projects. Our television, digital and immersive photographers and video producers know how to generate emotion while getting a message across.

From the scripting phase to post-production, we manage, organize and produce your photo and video shoots from A to Z.

Services and deliverables

  • Create innovative creative concepts and provide comprehensive production guidance.
  • Organize and oversee all logistical aspects of production.
  • Produce photos and videos as per predefined scenarios.
  • Conduct editing and post-production tasks, including:
    – Photo retouching and color grading.
    – Composition, graphic design, and motion design.
    – Sound design.
    – Formatting and adaptation for various platforms.
    – Manage the delivery of content.
    – Formatting and adaptation for various platforms.
    – Manage the delivery of content.

PRissime - EN

Media relations and influencers

Influencers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, journalists… Maintaining a long-lasting and coherent relationship with the media by creatively and authentically highlighting your identity, your products, and your communication actions will help to boost your public relations.
Our PR services cover a wide range of business sectors while infusing them with an art of living and a democratization of information unique to Issime know-how.

Services and deliverables

  • Develop communication strategies and campaigns for influencer and press relations.
  • Generate and distribute communications that emphasize brand key messages.
  • Identify and disseminate information to media outlets and influencers to propagate and endorse brand key messages.
  • Initiate and negotiate partnerships.
  • Provide training to ambassadors and spokespersons.
  • Coordinate and manage launches and press events.
  • Continuously monitor results, assess impact, and compile comprehensive reports.

M├ędiaissime - EN

Digital and traditional media placement

In a fragmented media landscape where consumers are constantly exposed to a multitude of messages, it’s vital to select the right advertising medium.

Issime guides you in the analysis and planning of your advertising to maximize your visibility and your investment.

Services and deliverables

  • Development of a media placement strategy based on sales and awareness objectives
  • Study of various media and their performance
  • Research and selection of relevant digital and traditional media
  • Development of a detailed media plan based on geographic zones, formats, and broadcast periods
  • Purchase and negotiation of advertising space
  • Dispatch and coordination of creatives in the right formats for each medium
  • Monitoring of rendering quality
  • Campaign optimization and active performance monitoring
  • Budget optimization and monitoring
  • Detailed performance reports

Eventissime - EN


The design and development of a customized event, whether it’s a press event or a sales meeting, is a communication platform that must be in line with the company’s objectives and brand image. From the creation of the event’s theme to the selection of venues, invitations and the message to be conveyed, Issime accompanies you with unique know-how that is sure to generate emotions and sustained interest in the brand, company, or project presented.

Services and deliverables

  • Design and coordination of brand events and private parties
  • Theme development based on communication objectives and brand DNA
  • Content creation: invitations, ambiance and brand experience
  • Development and management of mailing and invitation lists
  • Sourcing of suppliers and sponsorships
  • Complete on-site logistics

Brandissime - EN

Brand Positioning and Identity

In a world of constant consumer demand and intense competition, it’s essential to get back to the basics of marketing communications by clearly identifying and establishing your brand’s uniqueness and value to current and future customers. With a clear, unequivocal brand positioning, it’s easy to communicate effectively in pursuit of your business objectives.

Issime guides you in the analysis and establishment of your brand positioning and identity. Whether you’re setting up a new business or revamping your existing image, we’ll tailor our approach to identify the best opportunities for you.

Services and deliverables

  • Analyzing and evaluating the existing brand image.
  • Conducting competitive analysis and creating a conceptual map.
  • Identifying insights about the target audience and crafting personas.
  • Formulating a comprehensive, unique, and distinctive brand positioning strategy.
  • Defining the brand’s DNA, philosophy, core values, key messages, and personality.
  • Developing the visual identity.
  • Establishing a brand voice and tone.