Tania Marcoux - EN

Tania Marcoux

Digital Advertising Specialist

A seasoned expert in SEO and SEM with over 6 years of experience, Tania also imparts her knowledge as a teacher at HEC Montreal. Her true passion lies in formulating cost-effective advertising strategies for her clients and harnessing the power of favorable algorithms to achieve exceptional results.

"Maximizing my clients' dollars during digital campaigns, whether it's on platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. I constantly keep a close eye on metrics such as click-through rates, impressions, and engagements, striving to make the most of every dollar spent."

Shanaz Hack - EN

Shanaz Hack

Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist – Ontario & Western Canada

With over 10 years of experience in communications, Shanaz has worked with several renowned brands, developing effective and impactful campaigns. Her skill set encompasses exceptional writing, a keen ability to adapt communication strategies to align with evolving market demands, and a dedication to conveying key messages in language that resonates with consumers.

" One of the most fulfilling aspects of my profession is collaborating with media and influencers to breathe life into campaigns by providing them with information that they will impart in their unique tone to engage their audience. ”

Marie-Janelle Larivée - EN

Marie-Janelle Larivée

Senior Digital Manager

Founder and chief editor for Blog and the City, Marie-Janelle was part of the first generation of blog creators, a pioneer of this new media tool and powerful lifestyle influencer. Along with her experience as a marketing strategist, content manager and project leader, the creation of maximum-impact web content holds no secrets for this geek, whose daily tasks involve managing social media for more than 15 client accounts.

“ There’s nothing more stimulating than working in a field that pushes you to surpass yourself and use oriented creativity every day! ”

Nadine Lajoie - EN

Nadine Lajoie

President and Founder

The woman behind Issime, that's her!

Recognized for her exceptional attention to detail and expertise in international brand communications, Nadine Lajoie has developed impactful pan-Canadian campaigns over the past 25 years, generating significant excitement and recognition She is the driving force behind Issime! Her success is attributed to her visionary outlook, unwavering dedication, extensive network of connections, and her ability to strike a delicate balance between imparting expertise and delivering brand experiences.

" I'm most passionate about addressing my clients' challenges by identifying their needs and implementing effective communication strategies. "

Lionel Pardin - EN

Lionel Pardin

Brand Positioning Strategist

Passionate about new technologies, Lionel has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning and execution of innovative projects. A specialist in digital transformation and brand positioning, he has successfully supported hundreds of companies.

" Identifying a brand's uniqueness and developing a clear, inspiring and unifying positioning is pure bliss for me! And if we have to plan a digital transformation at the same time, I'm ecstatic! "

Léa Moutardier - EN

Léa Moutardier

Communications Marketing Manager

With a wealth of experience in digital marketing in Europe as well as in English and French Canada, Léa has mastered the art of translating customer messages into consumer language.

Combining her expertise as a marketing strategist with that of a content manager and project manager, the creation and maximization of web content holds no secrets for Léa, who has launched and grown several Instagram, TikTok and Facebook accounts in recent years.

" There's nothing more exciting and motivating than working in a constantly changing field. My mission? To surpass myself and use my creativity to outwit the algorithms. "

Laura Poulin - EN

Laura Poulin

Art Director and Motion Designer

A brand image strategist in the lifestyle and media sectors, Laura naturally developed a sensitivity to motion design. She quickly became a specialist. Having elevated the visual communication of the products and services she illustrated, she was able to create unique and memorable visual experiences for her clients.

« Using the power of motion design to create a lasting impression and make a brand stand out from its competitors is my primary goal! »

Émeric Paré - EN

Émeric Paré

Marketing Communications Coordinator

A thoughtful, hard worker, Émeric is unfailingly rigorous. This confessed Millennial doesn’t hesitate to question the way things are done, to maximize our customers’ marketing campaigns with a variety of audiences, across all socio-demographic profiles.

" What motivates me: to help people adopt new ways of doing things to generate even better results! "

Christian - EN

Christian Desrosiers


Enthusiastic and creative, Christian has been passionate about the art of storytelling for some twenty years. His professional career has been marked by his ability to weave captivating narratives and bring ideas to life through carefully chosen words. His aim: to arouse emotions, arouse interest and create lasting connections with the target audience. Whether for an advertising campaign, editorial content or brand strategy, his ambition is to captivate and inspire.

" Using the power of words to tell stories that leave an indelible imprint on people's minds, that's what drives me! "